Watch our tutorial videos here, or read the rules below:

  1. In each turn of each player, they should play by shooting one of the  balls in a way that it crosses the line passing through the other two balls. A player should continue playing by passing balls through each other (according to the rule) and finally in a proper position shoot on target to make a goal. As far as the player does not make a foul or throw out the ball (behind the goals) they could continue playing.
  2. If the ball does not cross the line passing the other two balls or if it hits one of them it would be considered as a foul and player’s turn is over.
  3. Players are allowed to use the walls same as Pool game (except those behind the goal).
  4. You are not allowed to consecutively shoot a same ball twice.
  5. Entire ball must cross the goal line to score.


  • If you are playing in “Time Limited” mode, you had better foul a shoot in a complicated situation to save you the precious time.
  • You could reach the goal in each shot (even the first one) though you should be more careful as the distance from the goal increases.