How to play online

1.Make an account
You can sign in to the game using Your Account("Sign in" as default) on right top corner.

currently you are able to sign in through your Facebook,Google or Microsoft accounts.

Note that the gamer tag you are using must be unique and is the only way your friends can reach you.

2.Add friends:
Go to Your Account, click the FRIENDS icon

click FIND/ADD FRIENDS to add a friend using her/his gamer tag.

Simply your request would be sent by pressing OK.

3.Accept friends:
Usually your new friend requests will appear when you try to play online, 
But you can always access them through Your Account -> FRIEND REQUESTS icon.

4.Match with a friend:
To start a match with a friend just go to PLAY -> MULTIPLAYER ONLINE -> MATCH WITH A FRIEND and click on a friend gamer tag.

Note that both friend should be in the Friends Room(MATCH WITH A FRIEND) to be able to see each other.

Note: Setting of the match would be the request sender's setting.

How to get new playground:

Whenever you see a play ground (usually just before start the game) click on it. 
In this scene you can refresh the list, download new ones and update the play grounds you have already downloaded. Please note that our new play ground list updates regularly, you should refresh to see the new ones.